Injury FaceOff

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This project was created in 2016 during the workshop "Beyond the Bar Chart" by Miriam Quick and Stefanie Posavec at Kunstuniversität Linz.

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The data used in this interactive visualisation was gathered from the ice hockey club EHC Liwest Black Wings Linz. All injuries happend between 2006 and 2016. The only sourced used here was the official website of the hockey club ( and the articles published there. As all datasets were gathered manually it can not be guaranteed that the list is complete by any means. The project might also not be representative for ice hockey in general as only one team was factored in.

Scaled Heads

To discover all the data just hover over individual body parts. All interactive parts are helmets, noses, mouths, shoulders, upper bodies, gloves, sticks, upper and lower legs as well as the shoes.
The selected body part will then scale up according to the number of injuries that were recorded for this part of the body. This will happen on both players simultaneously. Also the volume of the cheers will be changed accordingly.
The background will get a red overlay to make it easier to see the difference. The more red - the more injuries.
Lastly, the actual numbers, injury types and injured players will be displayed as well.

The Injurie Face-Off
Web Application
Illustrator, SVG Animation
David Altreiter