Do you know who I am?

Probably not. So I guess I should somehow promote myself. Well, there you go.

My name is David and I‘m an Upper Austrian Computer Guy. No. I cannot fix your PC. To clearify that, I am doing stuff like Web and Interface Design, Front End Web Development, Illustrations and Motion Graphics. So everything on a PC.

Currently I am studing Web Art & Design (Web Science) at Kunstuniverität Linz (Art Univesity) and Johannes Kepler University and I‘m looking forward to get my Masters Degree soon (hopefully at least).

In my leisure time I love to go on concerts and festivals. Rock out! I‘m a bit of a pop culture nerd. TV shows, Movies, Comics - You name it.
Also big for me is Ice Hockey. I, personally, am not playing anymore but I‘m getting pretty enthusiastic when our local team here in Linz is playing.

Oh yeah, and I‘m more of a Windows and Android Guy. Not really into Apple that much.

<sarcasm> And I don‘t like sarcasm! </sarcasm>

I guess that‘s enough about me for now. Further down you can find a few things about my education, experience and skillset. There you can also download my CV in English or German.


  • Web Art & Design - Web Science (MSc)

    since 2015Kunstuniversität Linz, Johannes Kepler University
  • Media Technology & Design (BSc)

    2012 - 2015 FH Oberösterreich, Campus Hagenberg
  • Matura (qualification for university entrance)

    2003 - 2011 Europagymnasium Auhof, Linz, Austria


  • Web Designer and Frontend Intern

    2015Atikon EDV & Marketing GmbH
  • Basics Workshop for Photoshop and InDesign

    2014PANGEA - Interkulturelle Werkstatt
  • Graphics Designer for Online Marketing

    since 2011EHC Liwest Black Wings Linz


  • Web & Interface

    Web & Screen Design, Front End DevelopementHTML, CSS, JavaScript (JQuery, Node.js, Gulp)
  • Design & Illustration

    Digital Drawings, Vector Graphics, LogosAdobe Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign
  • Motion Graphics & Others

    Animations, Video Editing, 3D RenderingsAdobe After Effects, Premiere Pro, Maya

Wanna contact me now?!

Well then just leave a mail by clicking below or call me (+43 676 656 9910).
But to be honest i prefer mail.