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While working for presono I created some logos and print items for NQZ and ÖQZ as some kind of side gig.

NQZ "Nationalen Qualitätszertifikat für Alten und Pflegeheime" is certifying retirement home and ÖQZ 24 "Österreichisches Qualitätszertifikat für Vermittlungsagenturen in der 24-Stunden-Betreuung" is certifying Agencies for day-long home care.
Both organisations are state-aided ministry of social affairs.


For NQZ I created a redesign of the old logo. Color and the basic idea to use a house as the main element was already in place. ÖQZ did not exist before so I created this one from scratch.

NQZ Logo RedNQZ Logo Red on WhiteNQZ Logo BlackNQZ Logo White
ÖQZ Logo ColorÖQZ Logo BlueÖQZ Black

Business Cards

The client wanted their business cards rather simple but clearly branded so I came up with a clean but colorful layout.

NQZ & ÖQZ Business Cards


Custom printed notepads were created for both organisations to give away.

NQZ ÖQZ Notepads
  • NQZ & ÖQZ - 2019
  • Logo & Print Design for NQZ & ÖQZ - created for presono
  • Graphics Design
  • - -

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